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A harmonic is a function that satisfies Laplace’s equation: r2 f ˘0. It is a neuro-physiological active inhibitory mechanism in which when corresponding retinal areas are stimulated by dissimilar stimuli or when non-corresponding retinal areas are stimulated by similar stimuli, one or the other is temporarily inhibited or suppressed to prevent confusion or diplopia respectively

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  1. example, the 2nd harmonic on a 60 Hz system is 2*60 or 120 Hz
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  3. Sources of Harmonics
  4. Also, x(t) is neither even nor odd
  5. , of the form f(r)
  6. Overloading of neutrals Harmonic Ratio of Pure Tone
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  8. Indeed, we deduce them from those corresponding properties
  9. V(x) = 1 2kx2